Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine is a medication that has been used for anesthesia during surgery and procedures since the 1970s. More recently, ketamine has been studied and used at low doses for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain.

Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressant medications. It interacts with the glutamate neurotransmitters and promotes synaptic plasticity – the ability of neurons in the brain to adapt and change connections. This process is thought to help “reset” the brain and promote new neural pathways, quickly improving mood, emotions, and pain sensations for many people.

The benefits of ketamine infusion therapy can often be felt within hours or days, unlike traditional antidepressants which may take weeks to work. The effects are temporary, lasting days to weeks in most people. Ongoing “maintenance” infusions are usually recommended to prolong the benefits.

Conditions Treated

Ketamine infusion therapy has been studied and used to help treat a variety of mental health and pain conditions, including:

What To Expect?

Ketamine is administered by trained medical providers through an IV infusion, typically over 40 minutes. You’ll be in a comfortable, quiet treatment room with mood lighting and relaxing music. Optional eye masks, weighted blankets, and noise-cancelling headphones are available.

Vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels will be monitored throughout the experience. Some people fall asleep, others experience dream-like states. The infusion is designed to be calming and therapeutic.

Initial effects of improved mood may be felt rapidly, but can take a few days to reach peak benefit. Following the infusion you’ll remain at the clinic for about 30 minutes for monitoring as the medication wears off. Side effects are generally mild. You’ll need someone to drive you home afterwards.

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