Pain Control

A Simple Test That Takes Only A Few Minutes

How The Test Is Performed:

Only 3 sensors will be placed on your feet, finger and arm to detect your heart rate, blood pressure and other important vital signs.

Most of the test is performed when you’re relaxed, then you will be asked to perform a few easy breathing exercises so we can understand how your autonomic nervous systems respond.

A report will be generated for your doctor.

Gynecologist talking with young female patient during medical consultation in modern clinic

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Autonomic Neuropathy Is a Nerve Disorder And Is Often Associated To The Following Diseases:

If You Suffer From Any Of These Symptoms, We Can Help You:

Ask your doctor and find out about autonomic neuropathy and Dysautonomia!

Autonomic nervous system is a network of nerves regulating most of your organs and functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, digestion, sweat gland, etc

Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system could lead to Autonomic neuropathy and involves a multitude of symptoms.

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