Breast Health

Breast Cancer Screening

New 3-D Ultrasound Technology No Radiation, No Compression “Game-Changing” Diagnostic Accuracy. Advanced, Automated
Whole Breast Diagnostics

Breast Cancer Screening
1. New State of the Art Diagnostic system
2. Its Safe, Faster and Easier
3. Its comfortable offering zero compression
4. Fast scanning system offers both breasts scanned in 20 minutes

Recommended for Women
1. With Dense Breast Tissue
2. During Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
3. With Breast Implants
4. Breast Cancer Survivors

Fast Delivery

Urgent report delivery

Opening Hours

9 AM - 5 PM Mon-Fri


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Comfortable, Pain-Free No Compression Screening
Radiation Free Breast Cancer Screening
Advanced, Automated Whole Breast Diagnostics


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