What is dense breast tissue & how do I know I have dense breasts?

Your breast is is filled with lobules (milk producing glands) and ducts that transport the milk to the nipple when you breast feed. It also contains fatty and fibrous tissue which holds it all together so everything works efficiently. Those fatty and fibrous tissues give your breast its form and shape. Women (and men too) have a unique makeup of fatty and fibrous material. The more fibrous tissue in your breast the more dense it is. The distribution of “fatty” and “dense’ in the population looks something like this…

Dense Breast Risk Facts

  • Associated with a higher incidence of breast cancer
  • Especially breast cancer in young women
  • One in Eight Women Will Get Breast Cancer… Dense Breast More than Triples the RISK
  • Dense Breast Tissue Obscures a clear view of breast tissue, especially with Mammography
  • Mammography misses 62% of breast cancers!
  • 3-D Ultrasound’s detection sensitivity is 90% in women with dense breasts according to the latest research.
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